to understand is to transform what is.
  • "the reality of our lack of reality might just be the most reasonable assumption to make about reality. Given the alternatives, accepting that we are all simulations living inside a simulation might just be … reasonable.” [1]
  • "The 4th-century Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi once dreamt from a butterfly’s perspective. Upon waking he wondered if he was a man dreaming he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he was a man.” [1]


  • "if you want to see fear in a quantum physicist’s eye just mention the measurement problem. the measurement problem is this: an atom only appears in a particular place if you measure it. in other words an atom is spread out all over the place until a conscious observer decides to look at it. so the act of measurement of observation creates the entire universe. “ [2]


  • "if only conscious beings can be observers then we’re intimately hooked in to the very existence of reality. without us there would just be this expanding superposition of possibilities with nothing definite ever actually happening.”[2]


  • "you dive down into the nature of matter everything we know about the everyday world dissolves. there are not object anymore. there are only relationships. there’s no locality anymore. there’s no time anymore. the more you look at something in detail, in what we think of as solid matter, the less and less solid it begins to look.[2]
  • "our brain recieves billions of signals every minute and we organize them into holograms which we project outside ourselves and call reality."
  • "if the brain is also a hologram, then its a 3 dimensional hologram. If two dimensional holograms reconstruct three dimensional images then, argo it follows that three dimensional holograms reconstruct four dimensional images.


  • "a hologram is metaphor. it is how you take n dimensions of information and you bring them down to n-1 dimensions. it is a way of relating the paradoxes we find in how to make a leap from this concept to that concept.”[2]


  • "if you take two subatomic particles like electrons… when you do something to one it will always effect the      other no matter how far apart they are.”[2]


  • "what this tells us is that once matter is physically joined, even when it becomes separate the energy is still there that’s connecting it….if we go back far in time all the particles of matter of this entire universe, that are expanding, were all meshed together in a single particle about the size of a green pea. It’s what scientists tell us today, it’s what computer models suggest. that if you could go into the universe today and take all the particles of matter and take out all the space in between and bring it together and compress it into the size of a single green pea it means that we were all once part of that same particle that creates this whole universe today. and even though those particles are now separate and expanding, and studies show that they are, energetically we’re all still linked.”[2]


  • “If you are seeking the Infinite, what instruments do you have to seek the Infinite? Only sense organs, isn’t it? So through your sense organs, if you are seeking the Infinite, it is like wanting to go to moon with a bullock cart. Isn’t it so? That is the plight of humanity, right now: with a limited perception, they are trying to grasp that is which is beyond.” [2]


  • Theories do not give final true knowledge, they give a way of looking at something. The very word “theoria” in Greek means “theatre” so it is the theatre of the mind which gives insight into the thing. Science is primarily a perceptual enterprise, and not in gaining knowledge, though knowledge appears. Knowledge is a by-product. By understanding something, you can have contact with it, so long as it is coherent. It shows that our perception is correct. So we must distinguish between correct appearances and incorrect or illusory appearances. Our thinking process should be called an extension of our perceptual process when done rightly, and not primarily the accumulation of knowledge.” [3]


  • "well your creating your own reality tunnel [with observations], that doesn’t mean your creating reality. out of reality whatever that is, out of the infinite flux of energy your creating your creating your own reality tunnel and most people are unaware of it.”[2]


  • "all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. there is no death. life is only a dream. and we are the imagination of ourself”[2]
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